Success Stories - Alexandra & Etanga

Ever since I started with Tom’s products I started noticing a huge change in how my mare looked. All this time i thought I had a chestnut mare, where in fact she was liver-chestnut. His diet has impacted her body in many positive ways. Not only has her top-line strengthen faster, but it has developed easier with less tension. I have always described my mare to be “hulk,” now here muscles have elongated and developed in a way where she can use herself better for the Dressage. Her top-line is more elastic, allowing her to have more “self-carriage,” and “expression.” She is able to relax more and have a better focus in her work without decreasing the level in her performance. The Grand Prix movements are also easier than they used to. 


Bodywork: Since she’s been in this diet, other preventative treatments have been more effective as her body-nutrition is more balanced.  In my program, my horses get daily PEMF therapy with Respond system. With this diet, the therapy has shown to be longer lasting and more effective due to the muscles being more “relaxed.” Besides PEMF, Etanga gets equine massages. Since her top-line is stronger and not “stiff” getting this treatment is more effective now due to the relaxation. 


Tacking up is also easier. Etanga used to be slightly reactive to the girth tightening. Since the new diet you wouldn’t know she’s a mare. 


Better Ride: 

This product has been a game changer when showing and in intense training days. She is more focused and less spooky. Her approach to the movements is stronger and more positive. Wouldn’t dare to go down centerline without it. Better Ride in fact creates a BETTER PERFORMANCE.