Pure Gold Extreme is a Non-GMO Camelina/Flax Proprietary Blend available in One(l) Quart, Two(2) Liter, or Five(5) Gallon container. It insures a naturally high Omega 3 Formula making it an essential supplement for horses of all sizes, ages, and activity levels.

Pure Gold Extreme is the ultimate choice due to the utilization of Patented Omega 3 enhancement which introduces a higher amount of natural anti-inflammatory Omega 3 than ever before possible.

This high fat, low calorie organic oil formula also contains the all important, naturally occurring and scientifically enhanced antioxidant vitamin E as well. In this oil base, Vitamin E is not only a strong antioxidant but also an effective anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic agent. Moreover, it promotes healthy hair and skin, while boosting the immune system by absorbing into your horses digestive system easily.

Pure Gold Extreme helps promote healthy weight, especially in hard keepers. It can increase and stabilize a horse's top line. The lipid delivery system helps improve the absorption and utilization of fat-soluble nutrients, keeping your horse healthy from the inside out!

The addition of powdered omega-3 fatty acids to the flax and camelina oil blend further increases the overall omega-3 content. This helps improve the omega-3 to omega-6 ratio, which is essential for maintaining a healthy inflammatory response and overall well-being in horses.

Pure Gold Extreme Oil Ingredients:

• Camelina Oil
• Organic Flax Oi
• Omega 3 Fatty Acids
• Vitamin E powder

Feeding Instructions: Pour l(One) fluid ounce per day on feed.
Can be split into 1/2 ounce morning and evening feedings if desired.

Developed and manufactured in the USA/ We guarantee the potency and analysis of the product. However, we cannot guarantee palatability or acceptance. / KEEP THIS PRODUCT OUTSIDE THEREACH OF CHILDREN! / Not intended for human consumption. / Store between 32°F and 100°F / If horse's condition does not improve or worsens stop product use and consult your veterinarian