Success Stories - ELEE & GYPSY

Basic Animal Health products are a daily key ingredient in keeping Gypsy healthy from the inside out! 

Begin Again Horse Rescue rescued a 6 year old grey Standardbred mare from a local livestock auction in 2015.  The mare still had her road shoes on and she had significant cuts on her hind legs and hind quarters.  The veterinary assessment put her at a 1.5 on the Henneke scale.  The rescue quarantined and began rehab protocols with the mare named Gypsy.  Gypsy has a vague background.  Her paperwork said that she is from Quebec, Canada.  Her journey led her through two known livestock auctions.  

When she was rescued she had physical, emotional and mental needs which the rescue began addressing.  Gypsy was adopted out the summer of 2016 but was returned in 2017 due to her behavior on the ground as well as under saddle.  The adopter worked with many veterinarians and a trainer but Gypsy presented as a strong willed and difficult horse.  She used her body to defend herself.  She was not responding to traditional mare hormone treatments or traditional ulcer medication.  Upon return to the rescue, Gypsy was super sensitive, showing that she couldn’t stand to be touched anywhere on her body.  

Tammy Lozipone watched her and sponsored a full ulcer treatment with Basic Animal Health.  Within the first week of Basic Animal Health protocol, including the GutHealth Xtra Strength Liquid, Gypsy was much less reactive and allowed a person to touch her and groom her.  She began putting on weight.  She calmed down.  

With continued daily use of Basic Animal Health, Gypsy was not reacting in her wither area, her girth, or her flanks.  She went out on foster in August 2017 with a 15 year old girl, Elee, that Gypsy picked.  The foster family continued the daily use of the Basic Animal Health GutHealth Xtra Strength Liquid.  Gypsy liked the taste and she clearly felt better.  Through her ground work and training, she began to allow not only the 15 year old girl to touch her but the girl’s mom.  They worked with Gypsy on ground manners and being groomed by two people at one time.  Gypsy was learning about being part of a human family and she was feeling better.  By April of 2018 Gypsy was introduced to a grainfree feed. 

Through all of Gypsy’s needs, a consistent part of her healing has been the grainfree feed and GutHealth Xtra Strength Pellets.  Whenever Gypsy is going to potentially enter a stressful situation like trailering, showing, off-site rides, etc. she gets an extra dose of her Basic Animal Health.  She also loves her GutHealth Xtra Strength Gel which she will eat right from our hands!  She knows what helps her feel good on the inside which allows her to reach her peak on the outside!  

BAHR rescued Gypsy and gave an unwanted horse a chance to begin again.  Since fostering in 2017 and adopting in 2018, Gypsy and her partner, Elee, have taken lessons with Mark Frohm of High View Farms.  Through training with Mark, Gypsy learned how to be in the ring with other horses and she learned to jump and canter.  Gypsy is a very smart horse who works hard to understand what is asked of her.  She loves jumping and Basic Animal Health has helped her perform to the best of her ability.  

Gypsy has also been a model for a cover shoot for the Memorial Art Gallery’s Hispanic Days where she represented the white horse of the Venezuela flag.  She attended the PA World Horse Expo 2020 in Harrisburg with Superior Standardbreds and PA Harness Racing.  She is currently working on learning basic dressage at Finger Lakes Equestrian Center.  She and Elee are ROC the Standardbred’s #teamburgundy and enjoy educating the public about Standardbreds and what athletic, smart, versatile horses they are.  

Basic Animal Health products are a daily key ingredient in keeping Gypsy healthy from the inside out, allowing her to perform her best. Basic Animal Health products start from within!  Gypsy and her family say “thank-you” to Basic Animal Health!