MuscleHealth Gel Supplement for Horses

Reduce Cramping • Increase Recovery • Muscle Endurance

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MuscleHealth Gel Supplement for Horses

• Reduce Cramping

• Increase Recovery

• Muscle Endurance

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  • Sku: MHGL3001
  • Type: Gel

Product description

MuscleHealth is a revolutionary daily feed supplement blend specially formulated to optimize equine muscle health and unlock your horse's full potential.

MuscleHealth specifically addresses your equine athlete's muscle needs:

  • By promoting muscle relaxation, reducing muscle cramping, and aiding in energy production, Magnesium Glycinate helps your horse maintain optimal muscle health and reduces the risk of performance-limiting issues.
  • BCAAs are the building blocks of muscle protein synthesis, and their supplementation has been shown to enhance muscle recovery, reduce muscle damage, and support lean muscle mass.
  • By promoting the transport of fatty acids into the mitochondria, ALCAR helps generate energy, optimize muscle endurance, and accelerate post-exercise recovery, allowing your horse to push their limits while minimizing fatigue.

MuscleHealth may prevent or alleviate episodes of tying up. 

The combination of Magnesium Glycinate, BCAAs, and ALCAR in Muscle Health creates a powerful synergistic effect. This unique blend works harmoniously to promote muscle relaxation, reduce fatigue, support protein synthesis, and enhance overall muscle health. Together, these ingredients create the ideal environment for your horse's muscles to thrive.

Unleash Your Horse's Potential with Muscle Health

Muscle Health isn't just another supplement; it's a game-changer for your equine partner. Whether you're competing in high-intensity events or simply seeking to improve your horse's overall well-being, Muscle Health is the solution you've been searching for. Witness the transformation as your horse achieves unparalleled muscle strength, enhanced endurance, and accelerated recovery.

  • Developed and manufactured in the USA
  • Contains no prohibited substances on any published prohibited substance list as of date of manufacture. Confirm permissibility with your governing organization prior to use. 
  • This product is not warranted for any specific use including permissibility. Basic Animal Health or its sellers shall not be liable for consequential, special or indirect damages resulting from the use of this product. 
  • Not intended for human consumption
  • Store between 32F and 100F
  • If horse’s condition does not improve or worsens stop product use and consult your veterinarian. 
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MuscleHealth Gel Supplement for Horses

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