Bundle - Pro Performance Starter Pack

Gastric Aid • Improved Performance • Immune Support

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Product description

Want to get your horse started on the path to healing? This is how to do it!

Gel: Used for immediate relief and to start the healing process. Give 1 tube AM and PM for 3 days, then 1 tube AM for days 4 thru 9

Liquid: Targets the stomach. Soothes entire system. Used daily helps to heal ulcers, balance pH and prevent discomfort.

Pellets: Target hindgut. Balances pH in hindgut, balances water, soothes and helps heal ulcers. Hindgut is one of the least understood and most important parts of a horse's digestive system.


1x  12-Pack GutHealth Xtra Strength Gel Supplement for Horses

1x One (1) Quart / 32 oz. GutHealth Xtra Strength Liquid Supplement for Horses

1x 6 LB Bag GutHealth Xtra Strength Pellet Supplement for Horses

Key Benefits:

  • Helps to soothe acute gastric issues and hindgut discomfort
  • Encapsulation of active ingredients allows for safe increased absorption where it’s needed the most
  • Provides relief which can improve horse’s attitude and willingness to perform
  • Nourishes for a healthy coat
  • Supports healthy hoof growth
  • Aids in weight gain or weight maintenance
  • May alleviate negative behaviors attributed to discomfort
  • May be used daily for ongoing hindgut pH maintenance and prevention
  • Does Not Contain Any Prohibited Substances
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Bundle - Pro Performance Starter Pack