Bundle - Pro Performance Starter Pack

Gastric Aid • Improved Performance • Immune Support

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Bundle - Pro Performance Starter Pack

• 1x 12-Pack GutHealth Gel

• 1x 32 fl. oz. GutHealth Liquid

• 1x 7lb Bag GutHealth Pellets





  • Type: Bundle

Product description

Want to get your horse started on the path to healing? This is how to do it!

Gel: Used for immediate relief and to start the healing process. Give 1 tube AM and PM for 3 days, then 1 tube AM for days 4 thru 9

Liquid: Targets the stomach. Soothes entire system. Used daily helps to heal ulcers, balance pH and prevent discomfort.

Pellets: Target hindgut. Balances pH in hindgut, balances water, soothes and helps heal ulcers. Hindgut is one of the least understood and most important parts of a horse's digestive system.


1x  12-Pack GutHealth Xtra Strength Gel Supplement for Horses

1x 32 fl. oz. GutHealth Xtra Strength Liquid Supplement for Horses

1x 7lb Bag GutHealth Xtra Strength Pellet Supplement for Horses

Key Benefits:

  • Helps to soothe acute gastric issues and hindgut discomfort
  • Encapsulation of active ingredients allows for safe increased absorption where it’s needed the most
  • Provides relief which can improve horse’s attitude and willingness to perform
  • Nourishes for a healthy coat
  • Supports healthy hoof growth
  • Aids in weight gain or weight maintenance
  • May alleviate negative behaviors attributed to discomfort
  • May be used daily for ongoing hindgut pH maintenance and prevention
  • Does Not Contain Any Prohibited Substances
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Bundle - Pro Performance Starter Pack