Bundle - Acute Health Bucket

GutHealth + PureGold

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Bundle - Acute Health Bucket

• 1 month supply of GutHealth Liquid

• 1 month supply of GutHealth Pellets

• 1 month supply of Pure Gold Extreme





  • Type: Bundle

Product description

Looking for the easiest way to make sure your horse stays healthy? Here is the answer!

The Acute GutHealth Bundle includes:

  • 12 servings of GutHealth Xtra Strength Gel (in first shipment only)
  • One month supply of GutHealth Xtra Strength Liquid
  • One month supply of GutHealth Xtra Strength Pellets
  • One month supply of Pure Gold Extreme

Your first shipment comes in a handy reusable bucket. All feeding instructions are right there on the bucket for easy use. After your first shipment your products will be shipped monthly so you can keep your bucket filled!

Put your bucket right in front of your horse's stall for easy access! No one will forget his supplements again!

Use your bucket when you are loading up for the show or trail ride, its easy to load and haul and keeps each horse's supplements separated!

This combination of products ensures that your horse's digestive tract is healthy from the esophagus to the colon, it balances the hindgut pH and water, and helps nourish a healthy coat, hooves and constant weight and topline.  This includes the basics that every horse should have!

Don't forget to also subscribe for any specific products you need such as Joint N Tissue Health, ShowFocus for a BetterRide, MuscleHealth, O2 Advantage or TrailerRide!

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Bundle - Acute Health Bucket