Quality Products, Guaranteed!

Quality Products, Guaranteed!

  • Tiffany Leonard

Quality control is most important aspect of anything you feed your animals. Your horse cannot tell you that this scoop of feed or supplement tastes or smells differently from the last one. We as owners and as product producers have that responsibility.

Responsibility is why Basic Animal Health products are made in an FDA and USDA approved facility. All ingredients are tested as soon as they are received by the facility for quality and cleanliness. All production equipment is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected regularly. All containers – bottles, syringes, etc – are tested for cleanliness. Each batch of product is tested for quality and stability. Our facility is monitored by the FDA and USDA with periodic visits.

Responsibility is why our ingredients are sourced in the USA. The United States has strict regulations for production and cleanliness. Our ingredients do not have to travel on a container across the ocean and sit at a port for unknown amounts of time. Our ingredients are tested before they even make it to the production line.

Responsibility is why our products are made right in Ohio and Florida. We can see production ourselves and know exactly what we are putting out there for your animals (and our animals!)

Responsibility is truth and completeness in labeling. Basic Animal Health provides as much information as possible on our labels, and more on our website. We want to empower you as an owner with as much knowledge as you want!

Responsibility is knowing our products. We use what we sell. Every day.

Sometimes poor quality is obvious, sometimes it is not. Does your product look different than it did last time you fed it? There is probably a reason. Does your product smell different than the last time you fed it? There is probably a reason. Those reasons could cause more damage than good.

Are you sure you or the person feeding your horse would notice a slight bacterial growth? We are all busy, should it really be necessary to check your supplements every day? NO. That is why you need to trust your horse’s health to a company that puts quality as their top priority.

At Basic Animal Health we pride ourselves on quality and consistency. We make supplements that actually work, and are safe to feed. Never anything short of that.

Want to make sure you are feeding your horse the safest supplements? Look for the Basic Animal Health logo.

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